Rope The Rockies

Rope The Rockies & Jeff Smith Productions Present
Team Roping in Colorado & Through Out the Mid-West!

ROPE THE ROCKIES & JEFF SMITH PRODUCTIONS USTRC takes pride in producing USTRC affiliate team roping events in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Oklahoma - through out the Mid West. RTR is known for providing a friendly and inviting roping community with big purses, excellent Corriente cattle, and fun to be had by all!!

Come and join us at our next team roping event.

Our mission is to set the standards of excellence in our cattle, our staff and our facilities. We will continue to refine our quality, expand our capabilities, increase our efficiency.

Thank you for your continued support in our organization and remember that our sponsors are the lifeline to the team roping industry. Please click on their logos to visit their websites and support their businesses.

All cattle are furnished by C-S Cattle Company
Some events are produced by Jeff Smith Productions
and/or Cox Productions and will be so noted on the schedule.
Call us about cattle for sale or lease.

Find your photos at our past ropings at
Three Lazy J Photography!

Jeff Smith & Ike Cox

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